holiday marketing ideas

Holiday Marketing Ideas

Find below a list of holiday marketing ideas for your company, to celebrate the season and please your customers and employees at the same time. Seasons’ greetings!

  1. Create a Fun Holiday Video. Create a holiday themed video and include your employees in it. Upload it to YouTube and share it on social media.
  2. Print Personalized New Year Calendars. Put your business’s name and a photo with your employees on them. Make sure it’s high quality. Your customers will see your business around all year long.
  3. Offer Holiday Treats. Offer gift cards, coupons, and even deliver them to your clients in person. Your clients and customers will be happy and see you as thoughtful.
  4. New Year’s Resolutions. People love talking about this at the end of the year. Integrate the idea of self-improvement in your promotion messages.
  5. Partner With Other Businesses. Team with local merchants and other businesses to make your business and holiday sales stand out.
  6. Work With a Charity. Find a local charity that you can work with and help out or donate to. It will build a positive social image for your business and get more people to your door.
  7. Holiday Cards. Make holiday themed cards and send them to your customers. Make it personal by handwriting notes on the cards, as well as the addresses on the envelopes.
  8. Holiday Themed Logo. Find a graphic designer to add holiday elements to your logo to make it look festive.
  9. Adopt a Themed Tone. It’s time to feature the holiday theme on your website and social media channels as well.
  10. Gift Baskets. You can create a holiday themed gift basket for people to share their love during the holiday. People view gift baskets as an easy gift to check a few names off of their list.
  11. Deliver Gifts Locally. Deliver your local customers’ gifts in person with a note showing how thankful you are.
  12. Social Media. Utilize social media work for spreading the word about your business. Remember to include a dash of holiday-related humor and/or graphics in your social messages!

holiday marketing ideas

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