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Can a Virtual Receptionist Help Me Manage My Time Better?

The typical business owner fully understands how precious and limited time is. You’ve probably found yourself wishing for more of it on several occasions–“If only there were a few more hours in the day!”—and wishing certain things took less of it—“Will I ever get through this mound of email?”

Hiring a virtual receptionist can help you buy back your time as a business owner, and if you do it right, you could add 2 or more hours to your work day, every day. What could you do with that extra time? Spearhead some important projects? Connect with new partnerships? Attend more of your kids’ games and recitals? Make more healthy meals at home? Pamper yourself?

Below, we share how hiring a virtual receptionist can help you manage your time better.

Take care of business

A virtual receptionist will help you manage your time better, not by coaching you or tracking your work, but by doing the work you don’t have time for, like:

  • Answering phones
  • Managing appointments
  • Marking cancellations
  • Taking messages
  • Transferring calls
  • Cleaning up your email inbox

On average, a virtual receptionist can save you around 2 hours each day. That’s huge! When someone you trust is handling your clerical and office duties, you can relax and focus on your company’s top priorities. That’s a direct benefit for your business.

Buy some time to relax

At Conversational, we often have business owners tell us that working with Conversational Receptionists has enabled them not to work harder, but to work smarter. The extra time they gain from outsourcing receptionist and office duties to a virtual receptionist is so special to them, they don’t always want to fill it with more work.

One business owner in the social media marketing industry recently shared his own experience with us in a review:

“About 3 days a week now [that I’m working with a Conversational receptionist], I go to the community center and swim a few laps. I’ve never done things like this before. It kind of shocked my wife. I’ve always been a workaholic. But it helps me clear my head, and I come back to the office refreshed and ready to tackle the big stuff.”

No need for full-time

If your business is too small to bring a full-time receptionist on board, or simply doesn’t want to shell out the money to hire full-time, hiring a remote virtual receptionist might be a viable option for you.

Virtual receptionists never come to your physical location—they do everything remotely, relying on technology to stay connected to your office. Your customers and callers will never know your receptionist is working remotely, and hearing a professional, friendly receptionist pick up the phone will reassure your customers that you’re a well-established and trustworthy business.

A good virtual receptionist will do more than just handle your calls and appointments—she will enable you to spend more time doing what you believe is important, whether that’s family, work, side projects, or relaxation. How do you take time for yourself? How do you manage your time at work? Please share your ideas in the comments!

Debra Carpenter

Author: Debra Carpenter | twitter

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