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Website Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date!

Our goal is to keep your site relevant, fresh, and appealing. However, regular maintenance on your website does more than keep your content fresh and your users coming back. Regular maintenance is a contributing factor in search engine optimization (SEO). If your website has new content, Google and other search engines look positively on this. It says that the content on your page is relevant and has been reviewed recently. So, Google is more likely to rank your page higher if your site content is kept fresh.

Likewise, your prospects and clients need to see the latest from your company. Out dated content, graphics, news, prices, and layouts are a turnoff for customers. Fresh content keeps their interest and subtly gives your company a more purposeful and trusted appearance.

How do Blue Phoenix maintenance plans work? Most of our plans are on a monthly subscription basis. You can cancel at anytime, upgrade at anytime, or downgrade at anytime. However, we offer custom plans as well as pay-as-you-go maintenance service.

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Maintenance Plan 1
(1 Hour)
$75 / mo

Plan 1 allows for one hour of maintenance per month for a discounted rate. This may be the plan for you if you are just looking to make small changes, such as switching out pictures or text. - 1 Change Request

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Maintenance Plan 2
(3 Hours)
$210 / mo

Plan 2 may be for you if you are planning to slowly add pages and features to your website. You may also benefit from this plan if you need multiple website changes at once. - 1 Change Request

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Maintenance Plan 3
(5 Hours)
$340 / mo

Plan 3 allows for up to two changes within a month. If you have various aspects of your site that need to be updated on a regular basis, this may be the plan that you need.
Up to 2 Change Requests

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Maintenance Plan 4
(10 Hours)
$640 / mo

Plan 4 allows for more extensive website changes or a large quantity of smaller changes. This is for the company that is looking to grow their site at a steady rate.
Up to 5 Change Requests

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Custom Maintenance Plan
Price is Variable

While our first 4 plans tend to fit most of our customers nicely, occasionally they do not. If you need a more customized plan, then we can discuss a more beneficial arrangement. There is a 15 hour minimum for this plan and negotiated terms carry a 12 month minimum agreement.

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Price is Variable

If you will not be needing changes every month, this plan is likely for you. This plan allows you to pay as you need changes and not pay when you do not need changes.

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