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We Are A White-Hat SEO Company!

As a “white-hat” Boston SEO company, we stick to ethical SEO methods, such as quality link building and traffic generation. Your business is too important to be in fear of a Google update. We are proud of to serve the Boston area and our understanding of the Boston SEO climate makes us the ideal choice. Our methods for advancing your search engine optimization positions are very thorough and we will help to enhance your website traffic through a customized SEO strategy and implementation.

At Blue Phoenix, we achieve great SEO results by focusing on 2 main priorities. The first priority is on-site search engine optimization and the second priority is off-site search engine optimization. Both aspects are crucial to enhancing your “SEO ball game” and hitting home runs with strategic keywords that are relevant to your industry!

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SEO Priority #1 – On-site Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO", is the SEO efforts made on your website. This can be keywords, content, coding structure, image tags, and more. Think of on-site SEO as strategically positioning yourself to be in the best position for advancement. While there are other off-site aspects, on-site SEO is the foundation for everything that follows, so it is important to make certain this is setup correctly, before venturing into the off-site SEO side of things.

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SEO Strategy Development

We will analyze your website history, several SEO indicators, and online competition for your industry. Once we have an in depth understanding of your site, we will customize a detailed approach for increasing your site authority, visibility, and ultimately, your rankings.

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SEO Keyword Research

Keywords can vary in both search frequency (traffic) and competition, which is also affected by industry. Researching relevant keywords and your competitors for those keywords is fundamental for developing a concise SEO strategy for your business.

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SEO Keyword Opportunities

Once we analyze your SEO competitors, we will develop a balanced keyword strategy that gives you a good stream of traffic, with a minimal amount of competition. As your site authority increases, more challenging (and rewarding) keywords can be approached.

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SEO Keyword Content Updates

Once we understand where your SEO opportunities are, we need to actually start implementing changes on your website, by updating and optimizing your existing content. Once the content is updated, Google and other search engines will begin indexing the new content changes.

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SEO Audit

While updating keywords within your content is important, there are likely more SEO errors within your site that need to be analyzed. Many of these are code and server errors. Getting these errors fixed is important to getting your website compliant with modern web design standards.

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Meta Tag Updates

Meta tags are an important SEO component that should not go overlooked. Search engines use these to analyze what each page is about. We use meta data in conjunction with your website text to build a consistent and keyword-focused story that search engines understand.

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Responsive Design Check

Responsive design is a method of building websites, which makes the website display well on all devices. Mobile friendly web design is no longer just a novel idea, it is required by search engines and used as a ranking factor. We can make certain your website is cross-device compatible.

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SEO Strategy Implementation

Once we have a complete idea of what is needed on your website, we can make all of the changes, usually within the first month of beginning on your SEO objectives. Fast implementation is key to generating traction, because as you will see in the Off-Site Phase, your on-site SEO is the basis for everything else.

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Develop an On-Site Content Strategy

One thing remains after we implement an SEO strategy, continued on-site SEO. Developing new content, usually in the form of blog posts, sends search engines a message that your site is relevant and regularly updated. Posting valuable content also serves as a traffic driver and an opportunity to rank for new keywords.

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SEO Priority #2 - Off-site Search Engine Optimization

Off-site SEO is what brings validity to your on-site SEO strategy. Google and other search engines use social signals for determining the importance, authority, and trust of a website. In order for Google or any other search engine to deem you as relevant, you need solid social signals in place. Valuable links to your website are the most relevant social signals you can have. In fact, any successful SEO plan must implement link earning and link building strategies that acquire valuable links back to the website.

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Inbound Audit

Inbound marketing is the marketing methodology that your website should attract and convert visitors. As a HubSpot Agency Partner, who coined the term “inbound marketing,” we know inbound. In terms of SEO, we will analyze and rate the links pointing to your website and compare that to your competition.

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Link Building Strategy Development

Once we know your link profile (vs. your competition), we can begin developing a strategy that will enhance the number and quality of inbound links. Obtaining links to your site is one of the largest off-site SEO objectives, because Google views quality links as positive social indicators.

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Guest Blogging & Blog Commenting

One of the most valuable methods of building links is to write guest posts for other blogs and article sites within your niche, which include a link back to your website. We are experienced in blogging and have the expertise to locate relevant and valuable sites, from which to obtain guest posting opportunities.

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Infographics Development

In some industries, creating infographics can be an outstanding method to get social shares, traffic, and links back to your website. We have excellent designers and writers, in house, who can create relevant messages in digestible images that drive your SEO engine.

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Video Marketing

Like infographics, video is also not right for everyone, but most companies can benefit from creating industry specific or promotional videos. We can submit your videos to video sites, which can also provide additional links to your site.

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Local Search Optimization

Local search directories, such as Google Local, Yelp, Yellow Page, and many more provide valuable opportunities to drive traffic and links to your website. We will setup your business listings, while optimizing them as indicators for search engine indexing.

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Industry Website Submissions

In many industries, there are industry specific websites, blogs, news sites, and more, which provide valuable SEO opportunities. We will scout out the relevant ones and establish links from them to your site.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media should be a huge traffic driver for you business and a powerful SEO component. We are experienced in promoting content, while building your reach across these channels. As your social media following grows, so does website traffic, links to your website, and your site authority.

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Website Traffic Generation & Social Sharing

In addition to simply posting, we are connected with networks that help other people locate valuable content, like yours, so they can re-post it across their social networks also. This can dramatically boost your website traffic, especially while your climbing the ranks with the new SEO strategy in place.

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