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Responsive Web Design

The future of web design!

Without doubt, responsive web design is the new standard. Companies that choose responsive design now will maintain a competitive advantage.

So what is responsive web design? Responsive web design is the methodology used to build a website that will look excellent on all devices. Today, there are so many types of devices and screen formats that the ability to display well on all of them is extremely advantageous and necessary. With mobile use on the rise, it is important to engage your customers on their, tablets, notebooks, wide screens, and yes still the PC.

So how does responsive web design work? Responsive design uses a method called the media query. When a user goes to a responsive website, the site files load to the browser. Next, the files tell the browser to ask the device what size the screen is. Once the browser gets the answer back from the device, it looks at the files again to see how it should display the site on this device size.

Blue Phoenix Creative makes responsive web design a cohesive process between our designers, developers, and the client. This approach produces a truly organic solution. The result for the client is an experience that does not deviate far from the usual development process but provides a higher degree of excellence for a more complete and successful web solution.

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