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Grow Your Agency with Digital Marketing!

Many agencies run up against two issues with insurance marketing, not enough time & not enough experience to make it work. However, we all know that digital marketing is becoming increasingly more important as we move even further into the digital age. Our goal is to provide the experience and free up your time, while delivering results.

We provide insurance marketing for insurance agencies looking to grow in the states they operate in. While we do marketing for companies other than insurance agencies, insurance is our only specific vertical. In most cases, we will only accept one insurance agency per state, as to not create a conflict of interest between agencies. We believe that our insurance clients deserve the best and we take great pride in driving traffic and leads through digital channels, such as content creation, SEO, and social media.

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Marketing Analysis

Getting where you want to go means looking at where you are and having a solid plan. Digital marketing is no different. In the beginning, we will be looking at key indicators of your insurance marketing and building a cohesive plan to enhance it.

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Engaging consumers in the digital world is key. Often this means providing relevant information and becoming a thought leader that people trust. When it comes time to buy their first homeowner's policy, they already trust you.

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In our digital world, we often seek out the answers to our own questions via Google and sometimes we just run across content on social. Either way, that content was usually created for a purpose. Companies competing in the digital space need to be creating content and educating their prospects.

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Because we go to Google for answers, it only makes sense that your agency show up there. Many insurance agencies view Google rankings as a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be so elusive. We have first page rankings for all of our clients and hope to provide the same for you.

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Local SEO

Most independent insurance agencies are licensed to do business in just one state or sometimes a few states. So, ranking for SEO has to be local in order to be effective. Local SEO is an area that we can help your insurance agency.

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Social Media

Social media is another powerful tool that many insurance agencies don't have time to utilize to its full potential. Most agencies don't have time and often lack the resources or “know how” to create a strong social presence.

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Lead Generation

Driving people to your website should never be an end in itself. Your insurance agency's website should be a valuable lead generation asset that converts visitors to leads and helps to feed your sales funnel and pipeline.

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Lead Nurturing

Once you have digital leads, it is time to nurture them down the buyer's journey into becoming a customer. By providing value to them, after they convert on your website, you keep the door open longer to build more trust, which is the foundation of independent insurance agencies.

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More Signed Policies

At the end of the buyer's journey is a happy customer and a happy insurance agency, your insurance agency. Having a solid digital marketing plan creates a steady stream of leads that fuel your business by getting more policies signed.

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