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Inbound Marketing

Marketing to Generate Genuine Interest

Cold calling is obnoxious. Period. No one really likes to be constantly interrupted to listen to something, particularly if they are not interested at that time. Yet, businesses still use this archaic structure as the foundation of their sales...until now! Generating genuine interest is the marketing strategy of the future. Digitally tracking your prospects as they interact with your website and social media give you the capability to understand your prospects needs and level of interest. Once you know what your customer needs and how interested they are, it is time to call that warm lead.

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Content Marketing

If you build it, they will come. If you are not going to interrupt your prospects lives, then you have to draw them to you. This is the basis for the inbound methodology. The reason this is great is that the prospect is now already interested in what you offer. So, to get prospects engaged, it makes sense to give them what they are looking for. Often what they are looking for is information and advice about what you offer. Generating valuable content will get the ball rolling with the customer and you will begin to be seen as an authority in your field.

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Lead Generation

By offering content and optimizing your SEO, you have managed to get the prospect onto your website. Once you have established an audience with your prospect, it is time to get their information and start learning more about their them or their business. This is where you can ask the necessary questions to qualify the prospect as well as obtain their email address and other relevant contact information. Connecting with customers is essential in nurturing them through the sales funnel and we believe that it is important to do this without being pushy.

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Marketing Automation

Once the prospect has given you their email, it is important to create a journey for your new prospect. This will vary from business to business, but it mostly consists of educating your prospect about what they are already interested in and giving them valid reasons to discover more. Making this process automated will help to keep your process consistent and on time. When it comes to a warm prospect, it is important to make them more informed and allow them to get to know what you offer. Once this journey is complete, it is much easier to talk business without seeming pushy.

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