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boston aerial photography

Boston Drone Services & Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is an excellent way to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether you are realtor, contractor, landscaper, or you own a hotel or resort, we can capture your property or project like never before. Aerial photography has the ability to capture the attention of viewers.

Real estate can be a tough business. To make money, you need to sell and the more competition, the better. If your property and the video is appealing, you will have a greater chance at bringing more prospects in to see the property and with it, greater competition among buyers and ultimately a larger sell for your clients.

Contracting, landscaping, and other project-based work needs to be showcased in order to make more sales. Unlike the real estate industry, people aren't going to travel far and wide to see what you are selling...your workmanship. In this digital age, we need to be experts at communicating the value of our offering online in the clearest way possible. Aerial photography can help you do that.

    • Aerial Photography
    • $275/session
    • At least 6-7 different angles
    • Post Editing
    • 3-4 Day Turn-Around
    • 4000x3000 (4:3) or
      4000x2250 (16:9)
    • Contact us ahead of time.
      FAA approval may be required.
    • Inquire
    • Aerial Video
    • $450/session
    • 1-3 Minute Video
    • Post Production w/Music
    • 4-5 Day Turn Around
    • 4k/30FPS
    • Contact us ahead of time.
      FAA approval may be required.
    • Inquire
    • Aerial Photo/Video
    • $550/session
    • 1x Aerial Photo Session
    • 1x Aerial Video Session
    • 5-6 Day Turn Around
    • (see Aerial Photo details)
      (see Aerial Video details)
    • Photo & video sessions must be at the same time and location.
    • Inquire
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