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Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Deciding whether or not to hire a marketing agency can be a huge decision for many companies. Before we look at the perks of hiring an agency, lets take a look at the alternative.

The Drawbacks of Hiring or Using In-house Talent

Digital Marketing Agency teams thrive in a creative world filled with digital trending reports, actionable strategies, and creative solutions 24/7/365. And, they are passionate about performance.

With in-house teams, this is not always the case. To compound things, they also demonstrate a lack of expertise in areas of marketing, and they usually end up with late access to marketing trends.

The last thing you want is a digital marketing campaign that can best be described as a duplication of other marketing campaigns.

Bear in mind, that If the only thing that sets your campaign apart from the competition is your logo, that spells big trouble as far as engagement. If the campaign is what we call “white bread boring” go explain that one to your partners, or even worse — to your investors.

How do you explain to your stakeholders the reasons why the campaign didn’t break through the clutter? Moreover, it also presents major challenges trying to justify the financial expenditures and lack of performance. The flip side of this coin is that the same things hold true for the development of a solid branding strategy.

Because of their other responsibilities, in-house talent holds the position of wearing too many hats while attempting to perform in a pressure cooker atmosphere that’s created by the lack of a realistic time frame. They are not dealing from a position of strength, and it shows in their creative and strategic recommendations.


Why Hire An Agency?

Creative ideas and branding strategies are a vital part of any successful digital marketing campaign.

A digital marketing agency with a highly skilled and experienced team environment holds a distinct and affordable advantage for clients. Simply put, the advantages speak to your bottom line, so there’s a clear ROI based on outstanding performance and creativity.

Additionally, the dynamics of an agency team environment can not only have a dramatic impact on creative ideas that measurably raise the bar, it is also so much easier to move toward goals at a faster pace because of their experience and trending knowledge.

The takeaway is that clients can greatly benefit from the expertise and fine tuned talent of a team at the price of one to two salaried employees with benefits. It’s definitely a Win-Win Option that’s hard to resist. There again, how could you possibly resist?

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