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Sales Tools — Inbound Management

What is Inbound Management?

If you are like most businesses, finding time to consistently do blogging, social media updates, keyword research, and other marketing activities can be difficult amidst your everyday work-flow. Hiring an agency to handle this can alleviate your schedule so that you can focus on what you do as a company. You shouldn’t fall behind with these inbound sales tools cause it can hurt the performance of your company. 

Why Outsource to an Agency?

Aside from creating less stress by removing time consuming items from your to-do list, hiring an agency means that you are getting a quality team of professionals to handle your marketing. So, not only are you removing obstacles from your day-to-day activities, you are likely getting better marketing strategy implemented, because agencies work with companies everyday to achieve results. By hiring an agency, you are hiring them for their sales tools talent. That agency is also a fraction of what it would cost to source and pay your own marketing team.

Can I Still Manage Some of My Inbound

Depending on which agency you are working with, this may be possible. I usually encourage companies to get involved in aspects such as blogging. You know your company better than anyone and you are uniquely positioned to tell the world why you specifically are better, faster, stronger, and more agile. Inbound is all about attracting customers who are a good fit. Whether your agency discusses your company at length to understand you or you get involved directly, it is important that prospects get to know the culture of your company as they interact with you.

What Does Management Cost?

Management can range in cost depending on what you are looking for. It can range anywhere from $3,500 to tens of thousands per month, but putting a concrete price on something is difficult without analyzing the company goals and what it will take to achieve that. For instance, blogging once per week is drastically less costly than blogging five times per week. While this sounds like a more lucrative option, it may be important to get more blog posts out to start driving traffic and realizing an ROI sooner. Examples like this permeate the pricing structure, so it is better to discuss this with an agency.

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