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How Do I Quickly Evaluate My Digital Marketing?

Online marketing has become a necessity in order to help all businesses succeed. Simply posting a blog every once in a while or updating your social media status when you have time isn’t going to cut it. It takes consistency, patience, and continually evaluating your results to be successful. So, if you have ever asked yourself, “How effective is my digital marketing?” here are some ways you can take a look at your online marketing efforts to determine what is working for your business.


Use a Marketing Grader or Third Party Website

Marketing grader tools allow website owners to easily find out how well their website is doing and what areas could use improvement. One excellent marketing grader is Nibbler, which allows you to type in the URL of any website and get an instant report. This report will show you how accessible it is to mobile and disabled users, how well it is being marketed, how likely users are going to be satisfied with the website, and how well it is designed.


Google Analytics

This analytical tool is a go-to for many website owners, partially because it is free, but mostly because it gives a lot of data. Site owners are able to see how users behave, what platforms and browsers they are using, and how long a user stays on a given page. In addition, you can see which other websites are linking to your site.


Leads vs Traffic

Your website may be getting plenty of traffic, but how many of those visitors are converting to leads? Knowing this will help you better determine how effective your digital marketing campaign is and whether or not some changes need to be made to create a higher conversion rate.


Alexa Site Ranker

If you have ever wondered how well your site ranks compared to others, you can now clearly see with the Alexa tool. Alexa provides site owners with data on their website in comparison to other websites. This tool will provide you with an easy-to-read report that will let you know the rank of your website against every other website on the internet. If your site is popular enough, you will also get a second number that shows your site rank against other sites in your country.

Social Media

One of the key pieces to a digital marketing campaign is a strong social media presence. To get a quick idea of how effective your social marketing is, look at your number of followers and your engagement. If you have less than 100 followers, you really need to step it up. If people are not engaging with your posts, that is another red flag that you will need to address. Keep a close eye on what posts are getting shared and liked the most and which ones are being ignored in order to get a better idea of what your audience wants to see. Remember, posting consistently and using the proper hash tags will allow you to reach a larger audience quickly and easily. Remember,


Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (or Agencies)

If you do not have the time to develop a marketing campaign. Hire a professional. Digital marketing agencies have the tools and experience to help you grow your online presence and increase the traffic to your website. These agencies will also be able to share their knowledge with you to give your business the branding boost it needs. So, if you are wondering “How can my digital marketing campaign be successful?” this group of professionals will be able to help.

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