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Halloween Marketing Ideas for 2017

This year Halloween spending is said to reach an all time high. Statistics from the National Retail Federation speculate that this year “consumers are expected to spend $9.1 billion, up from $8.4 billion in 2016” (NRF). That outrageous number actually makes sense when you think about how many people participate in Halloween festivities throughout the United States and all of the spending that goes into this crazy night of fright. With the costumes, parties, candy purchases, haunted houses, crazy decorations, spooky themed products, and let’s not forget the three extra costumes you bought for your dog, it really starts to add up!

However, all the hype that Halloween generates can be the perfect time for your business to make a statement and use some Halloween marketing ideas 2017. There are so many ways your company, store, or business can spread the spook. It’s a great marketing tactic that should be fully utilized if you’re looking to gain some exposure or ways to make your business stand out a little bit. Go above and beyond just simply putting a pumpkin on your doorstep or some cotton on a bush. Use Pinterest to find some fun and interesting DIY decorations that you can get the whole business involved with. So use the spirit of “All Hallows Eve” to your advantage  and market your business in some new and festive ways this holiday season. Check out these witchy ways to get your Halloween marketing ideas 2017 started.

Dress Up

Maybe the most obvious way to begin your Halloween marketing ideas, but put together a fun and interesting costume! Don’t just get a pair of cat ears and call yourself a kitten, aim for something fun and high spirited. Bonus points if you make the costume from scratch. Impress your employees, staff, and clients with your crafting abilities. If you have a lot of employees, encourage everyone to dress up and celebrate the holiday. It will make for a great new office photograph and having employee photos scattered about the office makes it looks more inviting to clients and customers.

Offer Special Deals

If you’re a retail company offer deals on items that are often purchased on this holiday. BOGO is a great way to entice people into making a purchase because they get something for free! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Or if you’re in the grocery or food industry, offer coupons for a half price bag of candy. People will use them and will likely buy more than just one bag. There are so many Halloween related products, from candy to decorations to pumpkins to caramel apple kits and cupcake decorating kits, the list is truly endless. Stores can offer sales and discounts on these products during a certain time of the month and companies can offer coupons on their products.

Host a Halloween Party (use FB and Email to spread the word)

This is a great way to encourage customer/client involvement with your agency, store, or company. Invite the staff, management, corporate, customers, clients, and their families to celebrate the holiday with you. It doesn’t have to be extravagant if there’s not a lot of room in the budget for a festive party. Keep it simple and creative. Find a space where everyone can be together (if your office is big enough, do it there!), and plan some festive events. Include activities such as, bobbing for apples, a photobooth with props, pumpkin decorating, and a best costume contest complete with prizes for the top three winners. Also don’t forget the themed food! Whip up some spooky skeleton hotdogs, pumpkin spiced cupcakes, and a featured spooky drink. Also, a lot of the decorations can be easily made by hand and will save some money in the budget.

As an added bonus, hosting a party is a great way to use social media and start a new email campaign to generate some more views, exposure, or leads. Create an event page on Facebook for your Halloween party and share it on local community boards or other community pages. In addition, create a Halloween themed email campaign that may include a “spooky offer” or a discount on a company product or services. Be sure to link your Facebook event in the email as well!

Candy. Corn. Everywhere.

I can’t think of anything more quintessential to Halloween as CANDY CORN. The moment you start seeing that orange and yellow sugar infused wax looking candy on display at the grocery store you know that Halloween season has officially started. String it up like lights or  throw it in a bowl with some Chex mix. Put it out in baskets at the office, or hand it out in individually wrapped bags at your store or workplace. The kids love it (even if their parents don’t), and it certainly spreads the Halloween spirit around.

Branded Trick or Treat Bags (for the kids)

This might be the most useful Halloween marketing idea, not to mention a great way to get some free advertising and brand exposure. Design some simple halloween Trick or Treat bags for the kids. Slap the company logo on there somewhere with some ghosts or a fun pun like “Happy Haunting” or “unBOOlievable” and hand them out at festive events, the office, or community meetings. Parents will love them and kids will use them for their trick treating. Also, they can still be used after halloween is over just as an extra bag for storage or carrying something. Trick or Treat bags are a multipurpose investment!

Here are some additional ideas to have a spooktacular Halloween season!

  • Halloween Themed Giveaway
  • Host Halloween Events (Caramel Apple Decorate?)
  • Decorate Your Business
  • Make Your Online Presence Festive
  • Spooky Email Campaign
  • Partner with Fall Themed Attractions
  • Jack O’ Lanterns
  • A Fall Themed Blog Post
  • Hold a Halloween Themed Instagram Photo Contest

Think of Halloween as a great opportunity to come up with some fun and and new marketing ideas for your business. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain just through some simple Halloween holiday fun. Make Halloween marketing ideas 2017 your best one yet!  And don’t forget the candy corn!

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