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Including a call to action button

Most likely, your website links to your social media, but what if you could get viewers of your social media to view your website … Well, fortunately you can! By creating a call to action button, you can actually do quite a few things, such as get clients to:

  • book your service
  • contact you
  • use your app
  • play a game
  • shop on your site
  • sign up
  • or watch a video

When you go to your company page, there should be a button at the top of the page that says “Create Call to Action.” It looks like this:

create call to action

Click on that button and you will get a pop up that has the aforementioned options and it looks like this:


create contact us button

To get the client to go to your website, you could click a few different options, but for the purpose of this demonstration, I will use the “Contact Us” option.

After selecting this option, I will put in the URL for the Blue Phoenix website “Contact Us” page. Next, there is an option to use a separate URL for a mobile website. Because the Blue Phoenix website is responsive, I do not need to use a mobile address. It will look great on mobile using the standard URL.

web site or app

Next, there are two pages that give different options to refer iOS and Android users to a mobile app, if you have one. Blue Phoenix currently has no apps in use, so I am going to opt to send people direct to the website.

mobile version

After these options are in, just click on the blue “Create” button and your page should now have a new button on the header, such as this:

Facebook Contact Us button

I hope this helps further your social media marketing experience!



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