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Boston Web Design — Why Responsive Design Is Important to Bostonians

Boston web design agencies know that Boston has played a key role in responsive design. However, you and many other Bostonian business owners may not understand how Boston has played such a large role and why moving to a responsive website is crucial to your business.

Why Responsive Design

Before we can understand why responsive design should be used in web design, we need to look at what responsive design actually is. Responsive design uses a stylistic coding language to determine the width of a device screen so it can layout page elements differently for different devices. So a phone can display elements on top of one another, where a desktop has more width so it can lay things out side by side.

If you have ever had to “pinch and zoom” a website in order to see it on your phone, then you have experienced a website that is not responsive. Responsive design’s real purpose is to eliminate bad user experiences that arise from varying screen widths.

So, why responsive design? Simply put, the world is changing and people need to access information quickly via their mobile phone. Making your website available to these people expands your reach and broadens your target audience.

Brief History of Responsive Design in Boston

I mentioned earlier that Boston has played a key role in the landscape of responsive design, but I did not say how. A man named Ethan Marcotte was the first to develop the concept of responsive web design and later he was the chief consultant on the first high-traffic/high-visibility website to utilize responsive design; a website known as The Boston Globe. This website launch marketed the beginning of a new error in website design and now millions of websites around the world are using responsive design.

Business Impact of Responsive Design

While it is all good and well that a newspaper’s website has done great with a responsive website design, it may not be clear how this helps businesses. Responsive design is crucial to the future of business, because it allows businesses to get their products in the hands of consumers even on their mobile phones, iPads/tablets, the old trusted computer, and now even their watches. Everything from discovery of your company and research about your company, to checking out of your online store can be done online and from the user’s mobile phone.

Marketing today requires that companies meet the customers where they already already are. Getting your marketing right in 2016 and beyond means that you need to develop a mobile approach, because whether you do or do not make your online marketing mobile friendly, your competitors are and a latent effect of this is that consumers have come to expect this.

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