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Boston Web Design — Greater Impact in the Bay State

Businesses in Massachusetts are in a good place when it comes to technology. We have MIT, right down the road and Harvard as well. In Massachusetts, there is a tech movement going on and we are starting to compete with Silicon Valley. Consumers and other businesses expect to find a business on the web and they usually do, but there is still a wide range of how much use businesses get out of their own website. Some companies have understood the potential impact that their websites can make on their businesses and have pushed their website development into something fantastic. Many companies get a lot of leads through their websites as well. Yet, there are other companies that are online, but they have not seen what their site can become and how much business they can generate from it. In this article, I will be focusing on the second group of businesses. However, I would like to think that all business people can get something out it.

Impact of Websites on Small Businesses in Boston

Many small business owners seem to have the mentality that it costs too much to make a website into a tool, others seem to think that it is an overrated tool to begin with, and finally some small businesses simply aren’t familiar with online marketing and how to go about it. However, the impact of a well designed, well functioning, and well marketed website can be well worth the costs to get the website going.

There are an estimated 4.5 million people in the Greater Boston Area (source). Aside from young children and some of the elderly population, virtually all of these 4.5 million people are on the internet to some degree. If you have a decent location outside between 93/95 and 495 and on a fairly busy street, you may see 20,000 cars pass by in a day, for which the drivers sitting in most of them do not pay attention, or do not care, and ultimately do not stop. This is more true with the more specificity in your niche. So, traffic of 4.5 million should peek the interest of all small business owners, at least if your goods and services can be sold online. Furthermore, if you are relying on people that are nearby, your target demographic is being constricted by geographic location. Frankly, this is bad for business.

What You Should Expect from a Website

When it comes to reaching these 4.5 million people, you should expect to see conversions on your website. While this may look different for different businesses, basically either people should become customers or leads through the website itself. This allows you to either follow up with or nurture the lead to becoming a customer or sending your product to their door.

In terms of what you need do to get this going, you will need to have a marketing strategy for getting your website out there. Content marketing is great for this, but PPC may be good for getting things going faster. However, be cautious with using PPC campaigns, because they can add up to an expensive bill very quickly.

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