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5 Tips for Increasing Revenue Within Your Organization

Check out these 5 tips for increasing revenue!

  1. Keep current customers beyond satisfied.
    Usually, you hear that you need to keep customers satisfied to keep them coming back. While this is very true, it would be better if they were to bring someone back with them. It would be better if they were evangelists! Going the extra mile for your current customers is a great way to gain new customers. Studies show that people usually trust a friend or family member over an advertisement or other corporate promotion. If your customers are talking about you, then you have sales people in your clients’ offices! It doesn’t get any easier than that!
  2. Use a CRM.
    There are multiple advantages to using a CRM. Most obvious is that keeping track of customers in a digital interface helps to keep everyone on the same page with that customer.
    Salesman Sam may know a given customer very well. But if Salesman Sam is on the road and the client calls, Administrative Arnold may not know anything about the client. From the perspective of a business owner, if Salesman Sam walks out the door tomorrow, does the rest of the team know how to facilitate the relationship?
  3. Focus on lead nurturing.
    All too often, a client is under nurtured and never becomes a customer. If the right processes are in place, the prospect will become a lead, then a customer, then an evangelist. Nurturing your contacts down this road comes down to 4 steps:

      1. Attract
      2. Convert
      3. Close
      4. Delight

    This is known as the Inbound Methodology.

  4. Utilize automated marketing.
    Having already touched on lead nurturing, automated marketing is a tool to help you do just that! Automating your marketing helps you to stay in front of your leads. This does not mean that you should be pushy. It does mean that you have value to offer your prospects and introducing these things at the right time can be crucial.
    Furthermore, you are busy. Many marketing processes can be accomplished without your hand manually pulling every lever. These types of tasks can be done by automated marketing software.
  5. Hire a marketing agency to analyze your efforts.
    Usually, a fresh set of eyes can shed light on new things. This is true of businesses too. Getting a team of professionals to analyze your business and your target market can be revolutionary to your business. Analyzing the business from a marketing perspective can include your branding, intra-company processes, lead generation, online marketing, advertising, branding, and market position. This list is long, but getting the professional assistance can be well worth the investment. A great way for your business to increasing revenue.

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