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5 Steps to Attract Good Leads

Attracting good leads can be an important aspect of growing your business online. So, making all of the necessary efforts to attract them is also very important. In this article, I will go over 5 steps to make sure that your lead generation campaign starts out on the right foot.

1. Know Who You Want To Target

When attempting to attract good leads to your website, blog, product, or service, you need to have an understanding of who it is you are trying to attract. If you are trying to sell makeup to 15-30 year old women, you don’t want to write content on how to reverse aging, because this will attract people in the 40 plus age bracket. Instead, you might use content that talks about keeping a young appearance. Even things such as the type of music that appeals to them can be important when considering video advertisements and use of color can be important for catching their eye.

Generally, the more you know about your target demographic, the better your marketing will be. To assist in understanding your target audience, we recommend using buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictitious characters based on the real personality traits of your target audience. So, using the makeup example, you might have a “Teen Tonya” for your 15-19 ages and then “Glamorous Gina” for your 20-30 segment. You could also base personas on demographics, hair color, and any other relevant deviations. For more on Buyer Personas, here is an article:

2. Have A Good Keyword Strategy

After developing Buyer Personas, you will need to look at the phrasing that people in your buyer personas use. This should usually be based on the problems, for which they are searching for answers. Once you have a list of these, you can use a keyword tool to analyze your keywords and develop similar keywords and long-tail keywords.

Getting into top search results will require that you pick keywords that have decent traffic, but also have little competition. There are multiple tools that you can use, such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool for finding keywords and Market Samurai for getting a deep view of your keyword competition.

3. Create Original Good Content

Finally, now that you understand your buyers and what they are searching for, you can begin to develop genuine content that meets their needs. Creating quality content is uber-important for attracting good leads and getting your content shared on social media. So, don’t take shortcuts or totally miss what your buyers are looking for and what their problems are.

4. Promote Your Content On Social Media

Once you have your content created, you should generate social media that is geared toward your buyer personas. Sharing on social media is an important step in getting your content read, so take the time to develop graphics for your posts. When developing your graphics, make one or two templates that you will use for all of your content promoting social posts. This will keep the branding familiar to the reader and it will help them to easily recognize your posts in their news feeds. Also be certain to put an engaging statement (that is not boring) right on the image to attract good leads. Often, people will only see the image and not the title of your content, so engage them on the image itself.

When posting to social media, always use hashtags on social platforms that support hashtagging. I see many companies making the mistake of not hashtagging and wondering why their social media is not growing. Hashtags help people find your posts, so develop and maintain a list of hashtags. This is not very difficult to do, if you use a couple of tools to help you. Here is a BPC blog post on how to do this!

5. Setup Landing Pages and Calls to Action

Setting up Calls to Action (CTAs) on your blog, website, etc., will forward customers to landing page. A great way to attract good leads. These landing pages will usually offer something for free in exchange for their email. This can be something as simple as a 5% off discount code or as complex as a 100 page eBook. Just keep in mind that the download item should be relevant to your demographic. If you are targeting engineers, perhaps giving away a free calculation formula in an Excel sheet is appropriate. Or to use the makeup example, perhaps they get a free sample. It all depends on what your buyer personas want and what will drive them to fill out the form.

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Closing Thoughts

While this may seem like a lot of work, it is not as bad as it may seem once you get a process in place. It may even be a good idea to hire an agency to handle your inbound marketing or even help coach you until you can attract good leads and handle the lead generation on you own.

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