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5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Link Building

Link building is imperative to creating a successful website that translates to real world success.

  1. The Basics 

    Search engines use links for two main reasons; to determine the rank of a page in their results as well as finding new websites. Websites like Google and Bing send their spiders crawling through the web which allows search engines to gain a feel for the quality of pages and more importantly links in. If a page has highly regarded and trusted links inwards, Google’s PageRank is obviously going to trust the website in question. Good websites aren’t going to link into bad pages just as in real life good people are not going to recommend bad books to their friends.

  2. The Obvious

    More links in yield a higher place on Google pages and therefore more traffic into your website. (But remember not all links are created equal). People are significantly less likely to click through a few pages to where your site is indexed if what they’re looking at on the first page is sufficient. Ranking on the first page of the google search requires quality links in as well as targeting quality keywords to reach your anticipated audience, if you have these two – you’re golden.

  1. The Connections

    In the SEO world, making connections with other websites and Webmasters is extraordinarily important just like real world connections. Virtual connections can afford you many opportunities like collaborating on webinars, creating content and guest blogging. All of these are ways to build links to your website while also being enterprising for not singularly your own benefit, but the benefit of the other party you’re working with and especially your customers and the people you’re trying to reach.

  1. The Traffic

    Building links with websites that focus on topics in your field is imperative. If you own a lawn care business, building links with a travel agency wouldn’t allow you to receive as much clout as building links with a garden center or the like. You want people who visit websites to be interested in the subjects that your website covers. You could make a larger impact connecting with people in your own field to increase traffic from one site to the other because of general interest.

  1. The Brand

    Good link building campaigns can do a lot more for you than simply drive traffic and sales; It can launch you and your reputation (or your business’) online as an authority. Getting links into your site can also produce an outpouring of social media site that heightens your visibility on sites like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. In connection with inbound marketing techniques and content creation, you can improve your reputation on the inter webs by being the an authority in your field. This will allow you to show off your skills and show your expertise on the subjects through your trusted brand.

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