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4 Biggest Factors in Getting Warm Leads Online

Managing to attract warm leads online can be challenging, but getting leads in and keeping them warm is crucial to many businesses. Let’s look at 4 important factors for getting warm leads online.

1. Buyer Persona Strategy

Knowing your customers before they are customers is a very important step in landing additional business via your online endeavors. People have a tendency to respond to the things that interest them, so being relevant to them is all about knowing who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, what their buying habits are, etc. Once you know this information, you can begin to interact with them on a more personal and effective level. Learn more about Buyer Personas.

2. Relevant Content to Build Authority

Knowing what your customers like and where they are may spark interest in your business and even get a click to your site or blog, but the content that you have their will need to also be relevant to them, specifically their problems. If your content always has valuable and relevant information, then visitors will start to view you as an authority in your field and many of them will want to learn more from you. This is where you can provide more long form articles, eBooks, case studies, etc. in the form of a download, such as a PDF document. Great way for finding warm leads online!

3. Downloads That Meet Legitimate Needs

These downloads need to legitimately meet the needs of customers and not be a lead generation scam, where the moon is promised and low quality content is provided in the download. Companies that do this are getting leads, but they are undermining their existing authority and credibility. Ultimately, the leads that are gained by such a method are of low quality. In order to gain high quality leads, be transparent about what is in the download they are receiving. Then back that up with high quality content.

4. Buyer Persona Integrity

While we may have our buyer personas all mapped out and well understood, it is all too easy to forget to use these personas in practice. So I am coining the phrase “Buyer Persona Integrity,” which means: all marketing actions are aligned with the buyer personas. This describes the actual process of using the buyer persona in all communicative aspects of marketing throughout the buyer’s journey. Buyer persona integrity means that your buyer persona is used in at least all of these aspects:

  • keyword strategy
  • image choices
  • blog/article topics
  • online place of contact
  • method of contact
  • artistic expression & campaign branding

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While this is a short list, there are countless ways to increase the integrity of your buyer persona usage in your campaigns.

Focusing on the integrity of our buyer personas and content marketing are really the largest areas of becoming relevant online. Google has said that marketers should focus on providing excellent content for SEO. Getting that content shared so that Google can understand its relevance starts with taking an in depth look at our buyer personas and maintaining a high level of buyer persona integrity.

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