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12 Ideas to Increase Sales in Your Company

We want to give people some ideas to increase sales within their companies. These 12 ideas should not cost you much (if anything) and they should give you a boost in your sales.

  1. Get on social media. Your customers and prospects are most likely on social media. If you are not there, then it is your competition that is getting their attention.
  2. Become an early adapter to new social media platforms. Sometimes, it is worth it to get in early. You can gain a lot of influence by selecting a relevant social media platform that is not very popular yet. Even a small fish is big in a small stream.
  3. Start a blog. Your customers and prospects are used to searching for information that is relevant to your business. Take advantage of this and offer them the advice that they seek and they will see you as an expert in your field.
  4. Make videos about your products/services. Again, this comes down to engaging the prospect and satisfying the customer with information that is relevant to what they are looking for. You do not need to make a sales pitch in every video, just teach and inform.
  5. Capture emails. Setup a method of capturing emails from your site and blog visitors. Perhaps it is a simple pop-up on banner in the bottom of the screen or perhaps you get their emails through a product offer. Either way, don’t pass up on this valuable means of connecting with your prospects.
  6. Send relevant emails. Some people really do want to get emails from you! That’s right! If your emails are interesting, informative, and relevant, you can get a lot of engagement via email; email is not dead!
  7. Group products for slightly discounted prices. We have all seen this. That is because it works! If you can get a customer to buy two things instead of one and loose a little margin on both items, you have usually still made more money than if they had only purchased the first item.
  8. Don’t let “scope creep” set in on your projects. If you do things on a project basis, you have probably experienced scope creep. If your customers didn’t tell you they wanted it in the beginning and you haven’t quoted it, stand your ground and charge more money. Period.
  9. Setup “Subscription” based services. Setting things up on a subscription basis helps in 2 ways. One, customers get used to buying your services monthly. Two, you can better forecast your sales for each month and quarter.
  10. Make referral offers for customers who give you referrals that convert to business. Many people want to help out; some people are just extremely helpful! However, some people will help you if you give them a reason that will benefit them. Offer a discount or promotion for helping you out.
  11. Offer demos, either online, offline, or both. This is a powerful way to give people a glimpse into your product or service. Many people will not buy until they see. Give them the opportunity to fall in love with what you offer.
  12. Revise your marketing messages for simplicity and clarity. If your marketing messages are not clear, simple, and direct, they may be getting overlooked. Take a look at the way your website looks. Is it too cluttered, not interesting, or is the text confusing? These are all things to look at when revising your marketing messages for increase sales.

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Alright, so there are the 12 ideas to increase sales. Which ones are most relevant to your business? Feel free to comment below!

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